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KOOS – END INTEGRATED RESOURCES LTD, Abuja offer admissions to tuition free universities in Germany.

Germany is one of the few countries in the world which provide free education up to Postgraduate level in their universities. Free education is only offered in the government owned institutions while private universities charge fees.

* First intake is March/April and application starts in October every year.

*Second intake is in September while application starts March every year.

Germany offers tuition free education in the view that higher education is a right that all people must have, and that highly educated population benefits everyone. Germany has abandoned tuition fees altogether for German and international students alike. The Government funds higher education for both local and international students. An increasing amount of international students are also taking advantage.

Germany is one of the most popular countries to study abroad, and with good reasons. In fact it has been sited as one of the most supportive countries for international students. Cost of living is fair with work permits for students as well.

Why Study In Germany?

  • Free-tuition education in most universities (and very low fees in others);
  • With more than 409 higher education institutions across the country, Germany provides each student with the possibility to choose more than 14,500 bachelor and Master degree programmes;
  • High-quality teaching and up to date education in Engineering, Medicine, Science, Economics and Arts;
  • Many International universities offer international courses in English language as well. So, knowing German to study in Germany is not mandatory but it is recommended;
  • High quality of life;
  • Top-class degrees recognised around the world;
  • Very affordable living expenses;
  • Diverse country in the heart of Europe.

Duration Of Study

  • Bachelor’s Degree – 3-4 years
  • Master’s Degree – 1-2 years
  • Medicine – 6years
  • Pharmacy /Architecture – 5 years

Post Study Work Opportunities

  • Germany is admired all around the world for how well equipped its workforce is in advancing growth and managing crisis;
  • There are several opportunities pertaining to work after study in Germany, especially the professions, which are in high demand, include: Engineering, Medicine, IT, Technology and Science Experts;
  • The German labor market offers worthwhile career opportunities for qualified professionals;
  • More and more attractive opportunities are opening up across a variety of sectors like health, construction, mechanical and plant engineering, IT, electrical engineering, energy and environment, pharmaceuticals, precision engineering and optics, and aerospace.